Marc Zoorob Fundraising Match

Recently we all have become aware of a local need that has remarkable
international dimensions. Marc Zoorob has done very well at Lincoln Academy
getting grades in his final year in the 90s in numerous Advanced Placement
courses. He has been accepted at the University of Maine in Orono at the
School of Engineering where he will be studying biomedical engineering. Marc
has been invited to join the Honors College as one of 800 students out of 9,500
undergraduates. He even has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship as an
Honors College member. But Marc may never get to study biomedical
engineering if he cannot pay the full cost of his first semester’s tuition. Here’s
where we can help.

As an international student, Marc’s yearly tuition and required fees are set at
nearly $50,000. Accounting for the $20,000 scholarship, that leaves $30,000 for
the entire 2022-2023 academic year that must be covered. The immediate need
is to come up with $15,000 to cover tuition and expenses for just Marc’s first

St. Andrew’s Outreach Committee has met and decided that it will match
donations to this Fund from individual parishioners up to the level of $7,500.
Donations can be made by check to St. Andrew’s Church with Marc Zoorob
Tuition in the memo line. We intend to complete this campaign this month by
July 30, recognizing that the tuition payment must be received by September.
We can do this!

This is a way to help a family living in a financial disaster. Marc’s
father is the archdeacon of Lebanon and Syria in the Episcopal Church in
Jerusalem and the Middle East and oversees a school for disabled children
where Marc’s mother works. This is a very troubled region. Banks no longer
operate. Milk costs $50 per liter. Lebanon’s currency has been devalued 90%
since 2019. In Beirut, Marc’s parents, Hind and Imad, are cutting their household
spending to $500 per month so they can wire money for their sons’ education.

By contributing to the Marc Zoorob Tuition Fund, we can address this
international disaster and do God’s work with this one extraordinary family. So
far, we have raised more than $3,300 for this St. Andrew’s scholarship fund. The
Outreach Committee asks you to join them in this effort, led by the Holy Spirit.
For more information, please call the church office at 207-563-3533. Many thanks to those
who already have contributed.