Mission and Vision Statement

St. Andrew’s Vision for the Future Affirmed at the Annual Parish Meeting January 28, 2018

The Vision of St. Andrew’s is rooted in our mission and core values.

Our Mission is to Worship God, Grow in Discipleship, and Share Christ’s Love.
Our Core Values are Gratitude, Compassion, and Integrity.

 St. Andrew’s Vision

By 2022 St. Andrew’s Parish will be living its Mission and reflecting its Core Values through:


✞ Maintaining our ties to our Episcopal/Anglican traditions and liturgical identity, while exploring a range of alternate liturgical texts and musical resources.

✞ Strengthening our connections with other local faith communities through participation in interfaith worship services.

✞ Caring for our historically significant building and grounds.

Growing in Discipleship

✞ Offering a rich array of opportunities for group prayer, learning, and social interaction, being mindful of the schedules of working people and students.

✞ Cultivating and supporting meaningful discussion groups in and with the wider community, being open to diverse perspectives on how to work for justice and peace.

Sharing Christ’s Love

✞ Practicing active listening as an important part of St. Andrew’s culture.

✞ Empowering parishioners to move out into their communities to learn about and respond to the needs of others.

✞ Cooperating with other churches and community groups as we work together to create a caring community.

✞ Supporting a core of lay visitors to the homebound and individuals living in communities along the continuum of care.

✞ Reaching out in appropriate and imaginative ways to young people.

✞ Continuing our outreach to the wider world.

We are Episcopalians

We are Episcopalians

This logo is a link to the Episcopal Maine website. The word “Episcopal” comes from the Greek word “episcope,” which means oversight. To be an “Episcopalian” is to be governed by bishops. Modern day bishops continue the work of the first apost...