It is no surprise to anyone that living in a county without a public transportation system can be challenging for many individuals and families. Lincoln County FISH (Friends in Service Helping) was founded in November of 2015 to help meet that challenge.

LC FISH is an all-volunteer organization that offers rides, at no charge, to people who have no other transportation alternative. Our volunteer drivers have given rides for medical appointments, grocery shopping, personal appointments and other important errands. The transportation service is not limited to medical appointments only. Destinations are limited only by the willingness of the drivers.

With a current network of about 30 drivers, LC FISH attempts to meet the needs of the requested rides. For the most part that need is being filled. However the need and the requests are increasing and the need for drivers is also increasing.

LC FISH is continually seeking new drivers who can spare some time to help with the needs of those in Lincoln County. The process is simple: contact LC FISH for a driver application; LC FISH will do a driving record check; you will then receive a driver packet and be included on our driver email list. Daily you will receive the current list of requests via email and chose whether any of them fit your schedule. How many and when you do rides is entirely up to you. The unexpected benefit has been the relationships that have been formed and the enhanced sense of community that goes along with that.

To contact LC FISH for further information about becoming a driver or to request a ride, call 207 350-9808 or email