The Stewardship Committee of St. Andrew’s Church works to direct and encourage the parish each fall to make commitments to support the church financially in the year to come. Typically, we have started to work in the summer, meeting (by zoom or in person) to determine how best to do this by any or all of these approaches:

1) by personal visits and contacts with families in the parish,

2) by writing letters to solicit pledges,

3) by public announcements at our services describing our progress towards a goal,

4) by following up with parishioners who have not yet made pledges to encourage them to do so.

The committee agrees on a theme or a focus for the campaign, appealing to the parish to be generous and grateful in light of current events in the parish, its peculiar needs or projects and its commitments to the wider world. The rector welcomes expressions of interest from parishioners who may want to help the committee do its important work.